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Guide to MyWheelock for Students (.ppt, 2701K)
Guide to MyWheelock Course Selection (.ppt, 1290K)
Common MyWheelock Registration Issues (.pdf, 49K)
Common Registration Errors (.pdf, 26K)
Common Registration Holds (.pdf, 21K)
Academic Records Forms
Incomplete Grade Request form (.pdf, 28K)
This is to be completed with your instructor and submitted by the final grade deadline.
Special Permission form (.pdf, 29K)
Transcript Request form (.pdf, 48K)
Replacement Diploma Request form (.pdf, 79K)
Course Withdrawal form (.pdf, 29K)
Enrollment Verification Request (.pdf, 37K)
Licensure Endorsement Transcript Request form (.pdf, 59K)
Request for Medical Withdrawal (.pdf, 18K)
Graduation Application (.pdf, 58K)
Notice of Information Change (.pdf, 27K)
Add-Drop Form (.pdf, 15K)
Course Scheduling Grid effective Fall 2017 (.pdf, 84K)
Undergraduate Forms
Undergraduate Independent Study Form (.pdf, 19K)
Undergraduate Transfer Credit Application (.pdf, 185K)
Undergraduate Pass- Fail Option (.pdf, 28K)
Colleges of the Fenway Cross-registration Form (.pdf, 33K)
For full-time undergrads wishing to cross-register; to be signed by advisor and Registrar before registering at host school
Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Registration form (.pdf, 92K)
Notice of Information Change Form (.pdf, 32K)
Use this form to change your name, preferred name, gender marker, or address.
Request to Enroll in a Graduate Course (.pdf, 21K)
Study Abroad Request form (.pdf, 206K)
Request for Continuance in a Practicum (.pdf, 15K)
Graduate Forms
Graduate Independent Study Form (.pdf, 19K)
Graduate Leave of Absence Form (.pdf, 15K)
Graduate Withdrawal from College Form (.pdf, 15K)
Graduate Request to Transfer or Add Programs (.pdf, 42K)
Non-Matriculated Course Registration Form (.pdf, 93K)
Graduate Exemption/ Substitution Form (.pdf, 33K)
Graduate Transfer Credit Application (.pdf, 82K)
Graduate Pass-No Credit Option (.pdf, 24K)
Graduate Reinstatement Form (.pdf, 16K)
IESE Program Modification Form (.pdf, 27K)
Notice of Information Change (.pdf, 32K)
Use this form to change your name, preferred name, gender marker, or address.
Graduate Course Schedule Grid (.pdf, 9K)
Graduate Practicum Reinstatement Form (.pdf, 18K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.